Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds Newcastle

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds Newcastle

Wooden blinds come with a particular aesthetic that we adore. But maintaining them can be difficult. What if you could find wood-like blinds that are functional, easy to maintain and long-lasting? Crystal Blinds brings you faux wood blinds Newcastle in a range of designs and styles. These don’t just look great; they are economical, too. Typically, these are made of vinyl or a combination of natural wood and vinyl. However, the real benefit of faux wood is its ability to blend with any décor and yet give you the visual appeal of wood.

Features of Faux Wood


One of the faux wood’s primary and most essential features is its low cost, which attracts buyers. You only pay a fraction of the price that you would for real wood. Install more, decorate more with faux wood and expect high standards of attractiveness and appeal from your blinds.


Design and style are equally important as you choose your window treatments. At the same time, affordable pricing is the cherry on the cake. Give your room a polished and inviting look with faux wood blinds along with their various colours and designs. You have grains, neutrals, whites, smooth and textured finishes – all of which can complement your rooms’ themes.


Resilience is a highly beneficial trait. When you install wooden blinds, they might seem durable, but only if they are maintained well. They might not stand the test of time if you don’t take care of them. Faux wood blinds are durable, long-lasting, and can be installed in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, humidity can be dangerous for wooden blinds. Manufactured from PVC materials, faux wood lasts longer and outlast most of the other window blinds.


Faux wood blinds require minimal cleaning. They are also easy to do so when needed. To keep allergens and dust away, you have to wipe them down once in six months or about twice a year. Besides, these are waterproof – and can easily be splashed around, if you so require. Dip a microfibre cloth in warm soapy water and wipe them down. You can also use a feather duster to keep the micro dust particles away.

Environmentally friendly

Knowing that our environment is in danger due to greenhouse emissions, all due to cutting down trees, faux wood is best used instead of natural wood. It only means lesser trees have to be cut down – faux wood blinds are also recyclable, an activity, which reduces the amount of wastage in landfills.

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