Blinds in the North East | Vertical Blinds to Divide Your Living Spaces

Residents in the North East usually subdivide their living spaces by erecting walls. This is an excellent way to create extra rooms. However, doing so permanently divides the spaces, and the expense for this type of work is often fairly significant. Furthermore, building walls usually necessitates the acquisition of permits as well as the installation of electrical fixtures. Wouldn’t it be easier, in the end, to simply pay a lot less and use vertical blinds to divide these spaces? When the subdivision is a temporary situation, this is often the easiest solution.

Partitions with a folding door or another type of retractable room partition are usually noisy and do not provide much insulation from distracting sounds. When a simple space divider is required, a vertical blind may be ideal. Vertical blinds can be retracted, and when installed as a centre opening, they can have a small stack on the sides and practically disappear completely.

Added Flexibility

Vertical blinds can be custom made as two distinct and independently operated units, maximising their flexibility. This increased flexibility can provide residents in the North East with many more options when it comes to the purpose of the vertical blind as it pertains to a specific function.

One thing to keep in mind is that the width of a vertical blind is generally limited to sixteen feet, but when “butted” to a second vertical blind, it can split a thirty-two-foot wide room, allowing it to split most rooms regardless of setting.

Vertical blinds operate independently and as a single unit, and when vertical blinds are “butted” together, controls at the ends of each vertical blind operate each blind independently of the others. Because of the ease of operation, dealing with two independent controls is not a hindrance but an advantage because you can retrieve only one of the vertical blinds if necessary.


Regardless of whether a vertical blind is used as a room divider or a window/door treatment, the issue of child safety should always be considered when making a decision. Vertical blind controls must always be fastened as recommended by the manufacturer and per local building regulations. Vertical blinds are typically controlled by two mechanisms: a cord-operated carrier control and a chain-operated rotator system. These controls allow you to open and close the vertical blind and rotate the vertical blind louvres.

One installation challenge with a vertical blind application is that many large living spaces may have excessively high ceilings, or the ceilings may be shaped so that a vertical blind track cannot be installed. In these cases, it is best to start by installing a hanging strip. This is a long and straight piece of wood or metal onto which the vertical blind track is mounted.

Vertical blinds as room dividers will look much better with valances covering the vertical blind hardware on both sides of the vertical blind. Although vertical blinds are generally manufactured with a valance, a second valance should be bought for this specific application to ensure a clean appearance when viewed from both rooms.

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