Crystal Blinds Gateshead

With several years of trading behind us, Crystal provides some of the best Blinds Gateshead has to offer for its customers. We also encompass one of the largest displays of Blinds and have consistently evolved keeping in mind our clients’ needs, and requirements across Nottingham. Our experts inspect and measure the site to provide you with the best recommendations at standard prices.

The benefits of blinds

At Crystal, we fervently try to get the best benefits out of your blinds, while offering an extensive range of styles and colours that would suit any space in your home. Here are some merits you can reap out of our products.

Blinds are simple, practical, and do not require tracks, poles, or holdbacks. They are extremely user-friendly, both operationally and functionally. Certainly, they are less obtrusive because they do encompass extra fittings. These are also the best solutions for smaller windows or limited space facilities.

The installation of blinds does not invite any addition. There are no tracks or poles required to install them and therefore, are economical and effective. The window dressing is accomplished well within your budget and a disparate style is achieved that is as eye-catching as curtains. Without any compromise to the style quotient, Crystal ensures cost-effective blinds fittings that are readily available. Only secure fitting brackets are required to install these, without the need for any assembly.

In some cases, you can opt for home fitting, as instruction booklets are enclosed with the delivery. However, if you do require, a professional fitter is always available with us at absolutely affordable prices.

Functionally, blinds can withstand high humidity and condensation, often visualised in kitchens and bathrooms. Roller and vertical blinds can be purposely manufactured to endure damp conditions. They may even be wiped clean using water. Additionally, these are perfect for situations where the presence of moisture is inevitable.

Blinds can be customised and tailored to achieve the right kind of finish. At Crystal Blinds, we use a measure ordering system that also decides whether you can have your blinds inside or outside your window.

The following ranges are available with us:

  • Blackout Blinds for high privacy, light control, and retention of heat
  • Perfect Fit idyllic for your orangeries and conservatories
  • Pleated Blinds meant for any room in your home due to its versatile characteristics
  • Roller Blinds are available across different budgets and are ideal for those who want extra privacy
  • Roman Blinds for an elegant and sleek finish
  • Venetian Blinds are highly popular for their energy efficiency
  • Vertical Blinds act as insulators and offer complete control over light filtration
  • Vision Blinds are modern and come with a unique mechanism and unusual light filters
  • Wooden Blinds for an aesthetic look, and warmth in winter

Speak to Crystal Blinds Gateshead for more information. You cann call us on 0191 483 4441 and see our full blinds collection at