Finding the right blinds Newcastle for your home

Finding the right blinds Newcastle for your home

Blinds are primarily used to control the brightness and privacy of your home. But there are other considerations, such as how much light to let in, how you protect yourself from the heat and cold, and others besides décor considerations. Choosing the right blinds Newcastle for your home can be overwhelming. Experts at Crystal Blinds provide you with the most suitable recommendations for your home.

Letting the light in or blocking it out

Blinds come with a variety of options when it comes to controlling light. Especially if you wish to install blinds in your bedroom, blackout blinds are the most beneficial option to keep the sun’s rays out. With windows facing the morning sun, as you wake up, it is best that you get blackout blinds to keep the sun’s flash out of your eyes. Filter some light in when you wish, in the kitchen or the dining room by fitting Roman blinds. For better viewing, it is best to illuminate some of your space with light without the glare of the sun standing against you during breakfast, for instance.


Blinds with slats are the best option when you want a particular level of light in your room. Just tilt or adjust the slats to get a glimpse of the outside world and still have a degree of light entering your room. Both Venetian and Roman blinds come with slats that are appropriate for sliding windows and doors. Operated by a pair of cords, these are energy-efficient and can be tailored to suit your décor.

Protection from the weather

Level up your home’s insulation with Crystal Blinds’ Roman, Venetian, Vertical and Perfect Fit blinds. These contraptions have the ability to trap the air inside and slow its passage inside and out. Thus, they act as energy-savers and insulation initiators. Install them anywhere in the house or even at the skylights in their cordless or motorised versions for extra protection from the weather.

Customised to window sizes

Crystal Blinds customises coverings to make them fit across your window’s dimensions perfectly. Treatment is available for all types, sizes and shapes of windows. Our consultants will also recommend the best window treatment and provide you with the most appropriate suggestion. Our made-to-measure blinds Newcastle, are popular across the North East. We also offer free estimates and fitting along with our blinds. Starting from just £ 99, you will find some of the most popular blinds available at economical prices.