Free Measuring and Fitting Blinds in Gateshead

Free Measuring and Fitting Blinds in Gateshead

There are several windows designs available in the market today. But to get the best blinds in Gateshead, reach out to Crystal Blinds. With the need to accommodate windows with an increased range of motion, you need more sophistication. Perfect Fit Blinds are the answer to all your light and energy-savings woes. These blinds can be directly clipped to the frame of the window. This way you get to enjoy a shade without restricting the movement of the window. Therefore, they are ideal for bi-folds and French doors.

The unusual fitting system of Perfect Fit blinds makes them useful everywhere, besides conservatories. Some of the key benefits of these blinds are:

Without any guesswork, you can install Perfect Fit blinds in the blink of an eye. It is because these are the easiest of all blinds to mount and fit. They are also available in a range of colours and schemes to match your existing interior style.

Perfect Fit blinds are entirely self-contained and remain unaffected even in hazardous environments. This also means they are safe for children and pets.

Fitting and installation are just words as far as Perfect Fits are concerned. These can be easily clipped onto a window frame without the requirement of any additional labour. While it might seem like a great DIY idea, at Crystal, we provide free measuring and fitting of your blinds. So, besides making the most of your blinds, you also get free professional help in installing them.

With a quick and easy-fit system, each blind takes only about 10 minutes to get in place. The fitting is traceless, making them a great choice for people who do not want holes drilled into the walls.

Since they are encased within their own frames, Perfect Fit blinds even level into your uPVC frame, when you install them into the entirety of your door or window.

The blind is quieter and harder than most other styles because the casing does not allow the blinds to flap or sway.

One of the biggest perks of Perfect Fit blinds is their ability to accommodate light and airflow, by allowing you to open the windows to the fullest.

As mentioned before, Perfect Fit blinds are both pet and child safe and cannot be swung or tampered with, because they are not operated by stray cords.

Perfect Fit blinds in Gateshead come in different styles and can match the form and function of your interiors. There are additional shading options reach out to Crystal Blinds for more information.