Perfect Fit Blinds Gateshead

Perfect Fit Blinds Gateshead

Modern designs require modern fittings and new window designs. At Crystal, you can get the best blinds Gateshead that allows both light and air into your home. Also, get the Perfect Fit blinds range for premier window covering options. Perfect Fit blinds are exactly as they are named – they are easy to clip on and do not restrict the movement of the windows. You can associate them with conservatories as well – take advantage of their sophistication and fit them across the most unusual window shapes in your conservatory.

Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are easy to mount and fit. These come in a variety of colours and styles – meaning you can match them with any décor. In addition, the blinds are self-contained and are not toxic for your children or pets.

Fitting and installation

Perfect Fit blinds do not require any drilling or additional labour or tools for installation. Simply clip them onto the window frame. Use DIY techniques or if you are unsure, just call one of our technicians, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Those living in rental areas don’t have to invest in heavy drilling and holes into the walls.

Integrated windows

Perfect Fit blinds are available in white and anthracite shades and easily meld into the window frame. They can be adapted into your existing uPVC frame. You can also streamline the look when you are installing a new window or door. In addition, these blinds are quieter than most of the other styles as they do not sway or flap due to the wind.


Perfect Fit blinds are self-contained and harmless. These are child and pet friendly as they do not feature any stray cords. It is best to choose Perfect Fit blinds if you have a toddler or a pet.


If you are looking for colours and styles to match your décor and window, experts at Crystal Blinds will provide you with the most suitable recommendation. Choose from a wide variety of flairs from us.


One of the most popular Perfect Fit blinds are Venetian – these can match any form and function and complement most interiors. There are several shading options available as well. You can choose either the aluminium or uPVC variety to fit them into places of high humidity, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have plants in your conservatory and want the best balance of light and air, you must choose Perfect Fit blinds.

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