Perfect Fit Blinds North East

Perfect Fit Blinds North East

With advances in technology, sophisticated Perfect Fit blinds South Shields can be accommodated across windows with an increased range of motion. These can be clipped directly onto the window frame and offer both shade and movement as they sit comfortably on the window sill. It allows more light and air into your home too.

While these blinds are primarily used across conservatories, they also come with unusual fitting systems that enable installation into other windows as well.

Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

Primarily these are the most non-hazardous blinds for your home, especially if you have kids and pets around. Besides, they come in a variety of colours and styles to match the scheme within your house.

Installing Perfect Fit blinds is extremely easy because they come with a clip-in fitting. These just have to be clipped onto the window frame without the need for any labour or additional tools. The easy-fit system is quite fast and it takes about 10 minutes to affix each blind in place. Another plus point – their fittings are traceless and are a great choice for people who live in rental facilities. Which means you don’t have to drill holes and hit nails to affix them. Simply unclip them and use them elsewhere.

Since Perfect Fit blinds are encased within their own frame, you can match the white and anthracite shades with your uPVC frame. Streamline the look of your window or door when you install them while also avoiding any swaying or flapping due to winds.

Venetian or otherwise, Perfect Fit blinds come in a range of styles, meaning they can be coordinated for a particular room. If your windows seem incompatible, choose a style from the Perfect Fit and install it to sync it with your style.

Perfect Fit blinds are cordless and self-contained, making them extremely safe. It is best to choose these blinds when you have young ones moving around.

Different Types

Venetian blinds are the most popular form of blinds that match any function and lifestyle. These types of blinds suit almost all types of interiors and even come with additional shading options. Venetians come with dual control handles, while most of the others have a single control. Light can either filter through or blind the room out completely when you twist the handle to angle the slats.

Perfect Fit Venetians are known for their light control and privacy features besides their durability.

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