Roller and Venetian blinds in Newcastle

Roller and Venetian blinds in Newcastle

If you are looking for made-to-measure roller and venetian blinds in Newcastle, then reach out to Crystal Blinds instantly for a solution. We offer a range of styles, and colours that are best suited for your property. Our blinds collection includes roller, vertical, roman, perfect fit and venetian blinds. We also provide quotations for bespoke blinds at the right quality and price. While all blinds’ styles come with their own features and characteristics, roller and venetian blinds are particularly popular. Here are some specifications:

Roller blinds:

Roller blinds are stylish and come a with a degree of privacy. These can be really great to look at both on the inside and out. Besides, they are highly water resistant – you can thus, install them in high-moisture areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Roller blinds are sturdy, easy to maintain and even have retro and contemporary styles to choose from.


  • Operate roller blinds by pulling them up or down for light control
  • Install decorative braids, pulls or poles – there are also some great control chain colours available
  • Child safe options are available where electrical motor is coupled with a remote control
  • Offers are available on 3 Blinds for £99 measuring 6ft wide 6ft drop
  • The windows are available in different materials such as blackout and water proof materials
  • Thermal efficiency is high where heat gain is minimised in summer and warmth is retained in winter
  • All roller blinds come with standard roller tubes made of aluminium and include a strengthening fin
  • End caps are fitted at the bottom bar and optional cassettes both open and closed are made available with Guide Wire systems

Vertical Blinds

Made with arched or curved headrails, vertical blinds are best incorporated on bay windows. These are available in PVC and can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and all the rooms without the worry of moisture damage. Available in a range of patterns, Crystal Windows recommends them in white or cream. The sturdy material requires sparse maintenance.


  • Provides maximum flexibility
  • Louvres can be rotated to around 180 degrees
  • Offers great light control and privacy – draw them back and you get a clear view of your surroundings
  • At Crystal you can get three vertical Blinds for £99 for measurements of 6ft wide 6ft drop
  • Optional headrail colours, weights and chain systems are made available as well
  • Fabrics are blackout and water proof materials

Crystal Blinds in Newcastle brings a range of colors and patterns available for your property. Call us any time.