Roman Blinds in NewCastle

Roman Blinds in NewCastle

Roman blinds in Newcastle are elegant and contemporary pieces that hang down straight and flat. When raised, these blinds form soft pleats, operable using several cords that are generally tailor-made to suit the overall design of the blinds. Roman blinds have been around for several centuries now and considered as practical and aesthetic solutions to dress windows.

In our erstwhile blogs, we have written about Roman Blinds as a type of window adorning. Here, we are going to examine the functionality of these blinds and why they are so popular, and of course, have been around for quite a while now, as mentioned before.

A flat piece of fabric and a lining along with it form the roman blind envelope. Both these materials are securely attached to each other to form a sealed pocket. Once installed at the window, it hangs down flat and in a fully extended position. Raise it completely, and the fabric sits in neat folds stacked one on top of the other. Slim wooden, plastic or metal rods or dowels are inserted into the channels to form these pleats. The materials are stitched to the back of the blind at regular intervals, across the length of the blind. A series of cords are threaded vertically down through tapes and attached securely at the bottom, and then woven equally across the width of the blind.

The header rail carries the blinds on a metal track or a wooden baton. Hooks or cord carriers are used at the top of the blinds inside the header rail to guide them either to the left or right side. Similarly, all these elements come together to leverage a pulley system. The bottom dowel is raised to meet the next dowel when all the cords are pulled together simultaneously.

A fold is created in the fabric and up the blind till it is in a fully open position. Care is taken to see that the rods, tapes and channels are not visible from the front of the fabric. Effective construction techniques are used to ensure that Roman blinds are available across a variety of fabrics, textures and designs, making them extremely attractive, accommodative and versatile.

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