Roman Blinds vs Roller Blinds in the North East

Roman Blinds vs Roller Blinds in the North East

While there is no single blind that can be better than the other, it all depends upon your preferences in accordance with the décor, its colours and other associated factors that are unique to you. There are marked variances between blinds, and in this particular blog, we will explore the difference between two of the most popular blinds in the North East, Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds.


One of the most important and deciding factors of any interiors for that matter are costs and pricing. These are relevant especially for those working under a budget. If you are frequently redecorating, then you might want to opt for roller blinds, which is cheaper than Roman blinds. However, if you are someone who doesn’t redecorate frequently, then you can choose the more expensive Roman blinds to add an element of luxury to your décor.

Window space-saving

Roller blinds take up less of your window’s space and even allow more light into the room when you need it. Roman blinds are built in a way that they hang in folds and block the view of a portion of the window. With roller blinds, you can also flush them up against the window, making space for some decoration on the sill. If light and window spaces are important to you, then you must choose Roller blinds over Roman blinds.

Complementing the decor of the room

For those looking for a luxury and ornate décor, you must choose Roman blinds over Roller blinds. Both of them come with individual attributes. However, if you are looking for some basic functionality, then Roller blinds are the best choice.

Privacy Control

Both privacy and light control add to the functionality of the blind. If you want the light to enter the room, then roller blinds are the best option. At the same time, if you are looking for elevated styles and less privacy control, then choose Roman blinds.

For commercial settings, bathrooms, and kitchens, roller blinds are more functional. They have a methodical and professional look. You can also add an element of style and luxury with Roman blinds in your bedroom or even the living room. There is a range of fabrics you can choose from that also complement your luxurious furnishings.


Depending upon where you want them installed, each of them comes with its own levels of ease of cleaning. Grease and dirt tend to collect on blinds in kitchens and bathrooms. In these cases, roller blinds are a better option, since they can be easily detached and cleaned. If you still want to choose Roman blinds, you may want to go in for water-resistant material that is easy to clean or simply have them dry cleaned.

For more information on Roller blinds and Roman blinds, reach out to Crystal Blinds in the North East.