Selecting the right type of blinds in Newcastle

Over the last few years, blinds have become exceedingly popular with homeowners opting for easy solutions for their privacy. Their low-maintenance and high-styled designs suit every budget and are proven worthwhile investments. However, you must find the right kind of blinds that complement your interiors, these could be rollers, verticals or Venetians. Here is a small guide to give you an idea to choose the blinds that work best for you.

Roller Blinds

Highly practical, roller blinds can be used anywhere. But they are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Their protective coating is a plus point.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are highly functional and provide you with the kind of look and feel that you need. These are commonly installed in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Vertical Blinds

Ideal for the floor to ceiling windows and doors, the long slats add a feeling of spaciousness and allow more light infiltration when open. Overall, they are attractive, affordable and versatile.

Selecting the right kind of blinds

To choose blinds that are best suited to your windows, appropriate and precise measurements are imperative. Grab a tape, measure across your sills, depending upon whether you want to install the blinds inside or on the outside. Just in case, measure both these sides.

Measure the outside edges of the casing surrounding the window for the outside mount. And for the inside mount, measure the window’s width at the bottom, top and middle.

Once the measurements are done, reach out to Crystal Blinds for some high-quality, fabulous blinds. We also accomplish the installation process for you.

All three – Roller, Venetian and Vertical blinds, can be fitted either on the inside or outside of the recess. Each of these blinds comes with its own advantages.

Allow more light into the room when you fit blinds outside the recesses. This method is also more flexible compared to fitting blinds on the inside. Blinds are installed outside the recesses, typically for doors that open inward.

Control mechanisms remain well hidden when you fit blinds inside the recesses, tucked away from sight to one side of the blind. When there is enough height to cover, this method is effective, especially because the blind does not interfere with the closing or opening of the window.

We offer a full range of blinds in Newcastle and surrounding areas, blinds give you more privacy control and can add an extra design element to your rooms. You can contact us with any blinds enquiries on 0191 483 4441 thanks Crystal Blinds.