Skylight Blinds North East

Skylight Blinds North East

Perfect Fit skylight blinds North East are a great way to cover roof windows. These blinds are ideal for skylights of any shape or size. Contact experts at Crystal Blinds to provide you with suitable recommendations for your skylight. Blinds for skylights come with various purposes – they add more natural light into the room or even control the amount of light you wish to view. These being their primary benefits, these perfect fittings come with other advantages too.

Typically, perfect fit blinds are Venetian or pleated and made to fit perfectly across your skylight. Discreet frame clips are used to hold them against the windows – the beading of the windows is generally made from uPVC. A pull-down or pull-up mechanism is fitted to operate it efficiently. The installation of the blind is effortless and, once fitted into the pane, becomes an integral part of the set-up. That is why these are also popularly used across conservatory roofs and eye-level windows such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Considerations for Skylight blinds

Controlling light

Whether you wish to block the light out entirely or just let a little bit of the sun inside, you can operate skylight blinds for both purposes. Loft rooms often act as bedroom spaces. Therefore, natural light has to be blocked out to get a sound sleep.

Energy efficiency

A home’s cooling and heating is generally regulated by the windows. In the case of the skylight, the sun can instantly come streaming through, creating a source of heat that can be highly uncomfortable. Install Perfect Fit blinds against the skylights to better control the insulation. The room thus remains warm during the winters and cool during the summers.


Block out all unwanted views when you cover the skylight snugly with perfectly fitted blinds. You can also seam a considerable amount of noise coming through the skylight with the blinds – this is appropriate, especially if you have an extension.

Textured or plain for your décor

With the number of colours and styles available at Crystal Blinds, you have to pick and choose the exact hue. We will customise it precisely according to the shape of your window. You may also tell us the intensity of control that you require.

Choosing your blinds

First, you must try and identify your window type and then begin looking for the kind of blinds you require.

Then ask our consultants to provide you with a colour swatch and pick the colour that you wish.

After that, consider the frame and measurements – for this, once again, you can reach out to our experts.

For all blinds, North East speak to experts at Crystal Blinds for a suggestion.