The difference between Roman and Roller blinds in the North East

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Window coverings are, typically, fitted inside the recess. Both Roman and Roller blinds look different inside these recesses. If you opt for Roman Blinds, a small deduction may be made because the battens need more clearance, as the blinds are made from soft fabric. Roller Blinds use stiffer fabric and don’t require that much of a clearance. You may have to choose the patterns for Roman Blinds carefully, because the battens when pulled together, will disrupt the look within the recess. Patterns are generally consistent for roller blinds as they get rolled up and down.

You will be able to completely cover the recess blocking light more efficiently when you use these types of window fashions outside the recess. The Romans could also sport a pelmet for a classic look with a roller tube neatly fitted inside a cassette.

There are many differences between the roman blinds and roller blinds. At the same time, there are several similarities too.

Roman blinds come with a classic style and make the room look more elegant. There is a wide selection of fabrics you can choose from, such as silk and linen, which are also extremely popular. Roman blinds offer better privacy since they are made out of thick fabric. They also serve as shields protecting you against sunlight. Available in attractive designs, Roman blinds can be extremely symmetrical and give the room a stronger look.


Roller blinds seem like an updated version of roman blinds and in many ways, look similar. Both of them intend to provide privacy and prevent light from penetrating the room. However, roman blinds don’t block sunlight as efficiently as roller blinds do. There are strings on either side to roll the blinds. Bedrooms get a cosy and compact look with roman blinds; at the same time, they can enhance the look of an office too. Take these features into consideration when you are trying to choose between roller blinds and roman blinds.


Roller blinds are highly affordable and customisable. Roman blinds often contain slats, and that is why you must be wary of quality. Roller blinds are a big fabric piece without slats that can be rolled up and down altogether. Installation is not very different for both the blinds types. The window frame is fastened with a tube while the blinds require one rod. Roller blinds are easy to operate and can be motorised too. They are highly durable and outlast most other blind types.

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