Venetian Blinds in the North East

Dress up your window spaces with various treatments so that all rooms look different. Simply because, living room blinds, kitchen blinds, bedroom blinds and bathroom blinds – all of them have different purposes. Give a distinct touch of style to each of your spaces with Venetian blinds in the North East. It is a great technique to keep contrast visible and unique.

Venetian blinds have many names – for instance, in the United States, they are known as wood blinds, while in the other parts of the world, they are known by their original name – Venetian blinds. These blinds’ coverings have been trusted by people for centuries and retained their popularity as the most commonly used window treatments. They are sleek, come with multiple features, and can be set up for any season. This particular window treatment has the ability to keep a room cosy, making it a haven for relaxation on any given day.

Venetian Blinds

Horizontal slats of aluminium, plastic or wood, measuring 2 inches in width, are fitted across your windows, which can be in the front room, office meeting hall, bedroom or the living room. You can even have these slats fitted across a restaurant. Functionally, they provide you with ease of operation, unlike the curtain, where the entire drape from the top to the bottom has to be handled with absolute care lest the railing breaks. But with Venetian blinds, you can open and close them with the aid of suspended cloth tapes or cords that let them tilt by up to 180 degrees. You can also use the tilting opportunity to clean the slats – easily.

These days Venetian blinds come with various lifts and even cordless options, where the slats can be moved up and down using the rail at the bottom. Alternatively, get an automated motorised option, where you can use remotes to tilt the panels.

Advantages of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are versatile and can be used across any kind of home and on any window, including commercial spaces. They are available in different materials such as Wood, PVC, aluminium and plastic.

One of the most cost-effective options, Venetian blinds are affordable and even beautiful when you customise them according to your taste.

No doubt, these window treatments last very long and are highly durable. Look after them, and they can stick by you for decades.

These are extremely easy to maintain due to their minimal and compact design. They can be cleaned effortlessly, either with a dry or damp cloth or suspended fully into the water for a wash.

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