Vertical Blinds in Gateshead

Vertical Blinds in Gateshead are still in vogue. These classic designs are now looking better and even more popular than ever. Ideal for both homes and offices, you can invest in modern and timeless vertical blinds for your property. At Crystal, we have a choice of colours and patterns to choose from. Check with our consultants for tailor-made vertical blinds for your facility. With the power to close or open your windows to nature, vertical blinds are known for their precise lighting control and ageless designs. Offering superb value for money, install vertical blinds across your windows and doors to warm up your home. Get customised to make your living space unique. For your homes in the North East, vertical blinds from Crystal are a great investment.


Due to their combination of brilliant looks and fantastic functionality vertical blinds have long-term staying power. The classic design comes with a kind of variety that has universal appeal. Ideal for windows, our vertical blinds provide precise lighting control, when required. The blinds also provide coverage for large doors and come in bespoke sizes to accommodate even the largest glass panels. They are neat, with no folding, twisting or creasing and last for decades.


Take total control of your design and update your vertical blinds with bold patterns and colours. Choose a design that lasts for a long time and style them according to the requirements in your home. Get a stylish monochrome design or add a sense of class with patterns that give your windows and doors a new lease of life. Close your blinds to see a great design, and let natural light pour into your home when you open them. Make your home look good and feel good as well. Pull the blinds down in winter and stay warm without having to use your central heating as you add another layer of insulation to your doors and windows. With vertical blinds, you can save money on your energy bills.


The unique design of vertical blinds makes them extremely functional. Multiple narrow blinds are bound together to form a single system, which is much like Venetian blinds, except turned by 90 degrees. Get the perfect coverage and full range of lighting from being wide open to shut. During the day, you can also modify the position of the blinds to give you total privacy.

Reach out to Crystal Blinds in Gateshead for a variety of vertical blinds. You can contact us on 0191 483 4441 with any blind enquiries, Thank you Crystal Blinds.