Vertical vs. Venetian Blinds Gateshead

Vertical vs. Venetian Blinds Gateshead

Probably two of the most popular blind styles available in the market, Venetian and Vertical blinds Gateshead, are always tough choices. Both offer a great sense of balance, are practical and come with aesthetic appeal. However, vertical and Venetian blinds come with their own unique options, similarities, advantages and disadvantages. When you are shopping for blinds and are stuck at choosing either one, then reach out to Crystal Blinds for guidance. To help you make an informed decision about blinds that will best work for you, here are some differences between Vertical and Venetian Blinds:

Venetian Blinds

Made up of horizontal slats, these are curated from aluminium or faux wood. The gears present on top of the window will raise the slats to let in more light. Alternatively, you can use the want to tilt it to the extent that you can control lighting levels.

Venetian blinds work exceptionally well with smaller rooms and create an illusion that your area is relatively spacious. These are durable, last long and come in plain styles that have a universal appeal. Light control, as mentioned before, is excellent, and so is privacy control. Depending upon the material they are made from, these act as great insulators keeping you warm in the winter and cooling your space down in the summer. Venetian Blinds are incredibly low-maintenance.

Homeowners looking for simple blind designs, a long-term window dressing solution, and who cannot put in additional cleaning time must choose Venetian Blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come with weighted bottoms and can open on one side. There are others are parted in the middle as well. These also come with wands and strings, just like the Venetian blinds to adjust the brightness and privacy in the room.  You get a great choice of colours in Vertical blinds, and when installed look highly sophisticated and aesthetic. These can be effortlessly accommodated in humid environments and are mighty easy to clean. If damaged, the slats are easily replaceable.

Use Vertical blinds in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that are high in humidity. For example, if you have short and stocky windows, they can actually look taller when you install Vertical blinds.

Crystal Blinds ensures high-quality fittings and installations across whichever blind that you choose. Besides a longer lifespan, we provide functional and attractive products that instantly appeal to you.

Reach out to Crystal Blinds Gateshead for more information on Venetian and Vertical Blinds.