Wooden Blinds in Newcastle

Crystal supply wooden blinds in Newcastle and surrounding areas, these blinds are the most classy solution when it comes to updating your window dressings. They are sturdy, sleek, stylish, and a favourite with customers due to their aesthetic value! Wooden blinds never go out of fashion, and with other window dressings, these aptly complement your space.

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Functionality of wooden blinds in Newcastle

Equipped with many horizontal slats wooden blinds can be operated with a cord pulley system. The design, popularly known as Venetian, wraps the linked slats together at the top of the window, allowing you to take full views of the outside. The blinds easily obscure the field of vision, to the inside from the outside, when lowered and blocks all sunlight giving you the privacy that you are looking for. Depending upon the amount of light infiltration you need, the blinds can be arranged across various positions.


There are several finishes available with different shades of varnish. You can choose gloss or matte or just plain wax. Considering its functionality, you can always get the right finish for your space. A lot depends upon your mood you wish to evoke along with the other furnishings within the room. Use a darker shade of varnish to set the tone to create cosy and warm vibes.

Slat size, width, and drop

Made-to-measure wooden blinds are stylish and best complement your facility. Choose the required width and drop to install blinds that fit across your windows seamlessly. Typically, the slats are between 25mm and 65 mm, standard. But the biggest factors that decide the size of your slats are the measurement of your window and the amount of sunlight you wish to infiltrate. Ideally, if your window is small, your slat sizes should be small, too. If you choose wide slat blinds, the stack height will be smaller and fewer slats will adorn the blinds.

Real wood or otherwise

There are two types of wooden blinds – the real wood and the faux alternative, such as the composite or the PVC. Choose between the options when budgets are a constraint and the location of your home is not conducive to wood. A larger living room, for instance, invites a larger budget with real wood – but is also the perfect solution. Alternatively, you can also place the blinds in the kitchen and save a little bit of money. Faux wood is cost-effective and does not suffer from moisture and water damage.

Crystal provides the finest quality genuine wooden blinds that reflect a natural style, and some even with subtle grain. Our designs and materials are sturdy, versatile, and are absolutely perfect for your windows. With our wooden blinds in Newcastle, you can be assured of modern, minimalistic, traditional, or cosy outcomes. Call us on 0191 483 4441 or Reach us with any enquiries.